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Use the following webform to apply for Code Club:


Q. How old do the children need to be?
A. Children need to be ages eight to eighteen (8-18) by the time they start coming to the club meetings.

Q. How much does it cost to participate?
A. Although candidates need to submit an application to join the club, participation is FREE.

Q. When does the club meet?
A. The club will meet every Saturday at 10:00 am beginning May 14th, 2016.

Q. What computer skills are prerequisite to this club?
A. Each child needs to know how to operate a PC (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and follow a sequence of detailed written instructions.

Q. How many children will participate in the club?
A. This club is designed to run with approximately twelve children.

Q. How do I apply for membership in this club?
A. Candidates can apply for membership using the webform found above.

Q. What makes candidates ideal for this program?
A. Qualified candidates for this club are:

  • Ages eight to eighteen
  • Have a medium comfort level using a computer
  • Are team-players
  • Can follow complicated written and oral instructions

Q. At which website can I find more details regarding this club?
A. More details on all code clubs across the world can be found at

Q. What kind of computer coding and programming will club members learn?
A. Terms one and two will use Scratch to teach the basics of programming. Term three will teach the basics of web development using HTML/CSS. Term four will teach the Python programming language.

Q. Why children and not adults?
A. These days, it is not enough for children to use technology; they need to know how it works too. Coding/programming knowledge will help children succeed in the digital age of the future. Course content is written with a child’s interests and reading level in mind.

Q. How do I become a volunteer to teach coding projects during club meetings?
A. Contact Christopher Davis at or at (435) 789-6261 (volunteers must be legally allowed to work with children).

Q. Do I need to be a computer programmer to teach coding projects in this club?
A. No you do not need to be one; however, an understanding of the principles behind it would be helpful when the children have questions for you.

Q. How many hours per week do volunteers need to commit to?
A. Each club meeting is one hour long, so the time commitment is one hour per week, plus any preparation time.

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Lorraine’s Picks

Getting to know Lorraine!

I have worked at the Library for the past 11 years and I enjoy the people I work with. I enjoy spending time with my family and grandkids.  I also enjoy quilting and reading on my spare time.

Favorite Books:

To Kill a Mockingbird:  Lee, Harper

Secret Life of Bees:  Kidd, Sue Monk

The Shepherd of the Hills:  Wright, Harold Bell

Freckles:  Stratton-Porter, Gene

Ellen’s Picks

Getting to know Ellen!

I am married and have 4 children, with 11 grandchildren. I love working in the Regional History Center and the people I work with. I enjoy history and adventures in our county.

Favorite Books:

Bonhoeffer: Metaxas, Eric

Killing Lincoln: O’Reilly, Bill

Snow Angels: Beck, Glenn

Harry Potter Series: Rowling, J.K.

Work and the Glory: Lund, Gerald

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephets: Hemerdinger, Chris

Favorite books as a child:

Nancy Drew Mysteries: Keene, Carolyn

Charlottes Web: White, E.B.

Melinda’s Picks

Getting to know Melinda!

I read when I have time.  I enjoy EBooks they are so much fun to have and you can have many books on one deivde.  Call me the Gadget Queen.  Any new computer gadget out there I want…

Favorite Books:

Simple Abundance:  Breathnach, Sara Ban

The Poisonwood Bible:  Kingsolver, Barbara

The Book Thief:  Zusak, Narkus

Quilting Books

The Maze Runner:  Dashner, James

Favorite books as a child:

Dr. Seuss

Nancy Drew Mysteries:  Keene, Carolyn

Joan’s Picks

Getting to know Joan!

I now work at the Library (a great place).  When I’m not working I love gardening, family gatherings, and traveling.

Favorite Books:

Boone’s Lick:  McMurty, Larry

Legend of Colton H. Bryant:  Fuller, Alexandra

Stephanie Plum Books:  Evanovich, Janet

The Jesse Stone Series:  Parker, Robert

Alex Cross Series:  Patterson, James

Favorite books as a child:

To Kill A Mocking Bird:  Lee, Harper

Gone With the Wind:  Mitchell, Margaret

Julie’s Picks

Getting to know Julie!

I like making socks.  Its my current passion.  I like my mountain cabin, aspen trees, sunshine, and smiling kids. I enjoy my grandkids running to give me a hug.

Favorite Books:

Mila 18 & QB7:  Uris, Leon

Les Miserables:  Hugo, Victor

Boys From Brazil:  Levin, Ira

Marathon Man:  Goldman, William

Count of Monte Cristo:  Dumas, Alexandre

Gone With the Wind:  Mictchell, Margaret

Favorite books as a child:

Emil and the Detectives:  Kastner, Erich

Nancy Drew Mysteries:  Keene, Carolyn

Christopher’s Picks

Getting to know Christopher!

Just in case you couldn’t discern from my list of favorite books (or by seeing my photograph), I am a nerd/geek. BUT DON’T LET THAT FACT DEPRESS YOU- I enjoy being a nerd/geek 🙂

Favorite Books:

The lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe:  Lewis, Clive Staples

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader:  Lewis, Clive Staples

The Hunt for Red October:  Clancy, Tom

The Star Trek:  The Next Generation Technical Manual

Ender’s Game:  Card, Orson Scott

The Andromeda Strain:  Crichton, Michael

Favorite books as a child:

Airplanes and Trucks and Trains, Fire Engines, Boats and Ships and Building and Wrecking Machines: Zaffo, George J

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back:  Seuss, Dr.

Amber’s Picks

Getting to know Amber!

I have a daughter who I enjoy and love very much.  I like to photograph family and nature.  I also enjoy scrapbooking.

Favorite Books:

The Kiss of a Stranger:  Eden, Sarah M.

Mrs. Mike:  Freedman, Benedict

FreeFall:  Abramson, Traci Hunter

Heavenly Surrender: McClure, Marcia Lynn

Shackles of Honor:  McClure, Marcia Lynn

To Catch a Falling Star:  Wright, Julie

Favorite books as a child:

Yo! Yes!: Raschka, Christopher

Duck & Goose:  Hills, Tad