Clean Reads

If you don’t want guts, gore, cussing, and other bad stuff then this is your list. We’ve compiled a few popular ‘clean read’ books and authors here. Jump into our catalog  by clicking or tapping on the name of the book. There you can place a hold, learn more, or read a review. If you have suggestions for improving this list you can email

Traci Hunter Abramson

Royal Series

1. Royal Target

2. Royal Secrets

Saint Squad Series

1. Freefall

2. Lockdown

3. Crossfire

4. Backlash

5. Smoke Screen

6. Code Word

Undercurrent Series

1. Undercurrents

2. Ripple Effect

3. The Deep End

Stand-Alone Novels

Lock & Key

Deep Cover


N.C. Allen

Faith of Our Fathers Series

1. A House Divided

2. To Make Men Free

3. Through the Perilous Fight

4. One Nation Under God

Isabelle Webb Series

1. Legend of the Jewel

2. The Pharaoh’s Daughter

3. The Grecian Princess

Stand-Alone Novels


A Time for the Heart

No Time for. Love

Love Beyond Time

Michelle Ashman Bell

Butterfly Box Series

1. A Modest Proposal

2. Hometown Girl

3. The Perfect Fit

Timeless Moments Series

1. Timeless Moments

2. Forget Me Not

An Unexpected Love Series

1. An Unexpected Love

2. An Enduring Love

3. A Forever Love

Yesterday’s Love Series

1. Love After All

2. Love Lights the Way

3. Pathway Home

Stand-Alone Novels

Written in the Stars

Finding Paradise

Perfect Timing

Christmas in Bliss

Candle in the Window

Without a Flaw

Stephanie Black

Stand-Alone Novels

The Witnesses


Rearview Mirror

Cold As Ice

Methods of Madness

Fool Me Twice

The Believer

Wanda Brunstetter

Amish Series

Brides of Lancaster County

1. A Merry Heart

2. Looking for a Miracle

3. Plain and Fancy

4. The Hope Chest

Daughters of Lancaster County

1. The Storekeeper’s Daughter

2. The Quilters Daughter

3. The Bishop’s Daughter

Indiana Cousins

1. A Cousin’s Promise

2. A Cousin’s Prayer

3. A Cousin’s Challenge

Kentucky Brothers

1. The Journey

2. The Healing

3. The Struggle

Sisters of Holmes County

1. A Sister’s Secret

2. A Sister’s Test

3. A Sister’s Hope

Historical Series

Brides of Lehigh Canal

1. Kelly’s Chance

2. Betsy’s Return

3. Sarah’s Choice


Lydia’s Charm

White Christmas Pie

Amy Clipston

Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel Series

1. A Hopeful Heart

Kauffman Amish Bakery Series

1. A Gift of Grace

2. A Promise of Hope

3. A Place of Peace

4. A Life of Joy

5. A Season of Love

Colleen Coble

Lonestar Series

1. Lonestar Sanctuary

2. Lonestar Secrets

3. Lonestar Homecoming

4. Lonestar Angel

Mercy Falls

1. The Lightkeeper’s Daughter

2. The Lightkeeper’s Bride

3. The Lightkeeper’s Ball

Rock Harbor

1. Without a Trace

2. Beyond a Doubt

3. Into the Deep

4. Abomination

5. Cry in the Night

Under Texas Stars

1. Blue Moon Promise

2. Safe in His Arms

Hope Beach

1. Tidewater Inn

2. Rosemary Cottage

Chad Daybell

Standing In Holy Places

1. The Great Gathering

2. The Celestial City

3. The Rise of Zion

4. The Keys of the Kingdom

Times of Turmoil Series

1. Evading Babylon

2. Martial Law

Stand-Alone Novels

The Renewed Earth

Chasing Paradise

Sarah M. Eden

The Jonquil Brothers Series

1. Friends & Foes

2. Drops of Gold

3. As You Are

The Lancaster Family

1. Seeking Persephone

2. Courting Miss Lancaster

Longing for Home

1. Longing for Home

2. Hope Springs

Stand-Alone Novels

The Kiss of a Stranger

An Unlikely Match

Glimmer of Hope

Richard Paul Evans

Walk Series

1. The Walk

2. Miles to Go

3. The Road to Grace

4. A Step of Faith

5. Walking on Water

Stand-Alone Novels

A Winter Dream

Lost December

Promise Me

The Christmas List


The Gift

Finding Noel

The Sunflower

A Perfect Day

The Last Promise

The Christmas Box Miracle

The Carousel

The Looking Glass

The Locket

The Letter


The Christmas Box

Suzanne Woods Fisher

Inn at Eagle Hill

The Letters

Stoney Ridge Seasons

1. The Keeper

2. The Haven

3. The Lesson

The Lancaster Series

1. The Choice

2. The Waiting

3. The Search

Marcie Gallacher

A Banner is Unfurled

1. A Banner is Unfurled

2. Be Still My Soul

3. Glory From on High

4. Abide With Me

5. No Greater Love

Stand-Alone Novels

Fixed Stars

Lynn Gardner

Gems and Espionage

1.  Emeralds and Espionage

2. Pearls and Peril

3. Diamonds and Danger

4. Turquoise and Terrorists

5. Sapphires and Smugglers

6. Amethysts and Arson

7. Jade and Jeopardy

8. Opals and Outrage

9. Rubies and Rebels

10. Topaz and Treachery

Maggie Mckenzie Mystery

1. Vanished

2. Pursued

Deeanne Gist


It Happened at the Fair

The Bride Most Begrudging

Courting Trouble

Deep in the Heart of Trouble

A Bride in the Bargain


Maid to Match

Love on the Line

Shelley Shepard Gray

Days of Redemption

1. Daybreak

2. Rayof Light

3. Eventide

Families of Honor

1. The Caregiver

2. The Protector

3. The Survivor

4. A Christmas for Katie

Heart of a Hero

1. Texan’s Promise

2. Texan’s Honor

3. Texan’s Choice

Seasons of Sugarcreek

1. Winter’s Awakening

2. Spring’s Renewal

3. Autumn’s Promise

4. Christmas in Sugarcreek

Secrets of Crittenden County

1. Missing

2. The Search

3. Found

4. Peace

Betsy Brannon Green

Haggerty Mysteries

1. Hearts in Hiding

2. Until Proven Guilty

3. Above Suspicion

4. Silenced

5. Copycat

6. Poison

7. Double Cross

8. Backtrack

Hazardous Duty Series

1. Hazardous Duty

2. Above and Beyond

3. Code of Honor

Kennedy Killings Worth Mysteries

1. Murder by the Book

2. Murder by Design

3. Murder by the Way

Stand-Alone Novels

Proceed With Caution

Never Look Back

Don’t Close Your Eyes

Foul Play

Jennie Hansen

The Bracelet Series

1. The Bracelet

2. Emerald

3. Topaz

4. Ruby

Stand-Alone Novels

Where the River Once Flowed

The Heirs of Southbridge

If I Should Die


High Country

Wild Card

High Stakes

Code Red

Breaking Point


Beyond Summer Dreams

The River Path

Chance Encounter

All I Hold Dear

Some Sweet Day


When Tomorrow Comes

Coming Home

Journey Home

Run Away Home

Kristen Heitzmann

Diamond of the Rockies

1. The Rose Legacy

2. Sweet Boundless

3. The Tender Vine

Rocky Mountain Legacy

1. Honor’s Pledge

2. Honor’s Quest

3. Honor’s Price

4. Honor’s Disguise

5. Honor’s Reward

A Rush of Wings

1. A Rush of Wings

2. The Still of Night





The Edge of Recall


The Breath of Dawn

Dee Henderson

O’Malley Family Series

Prequel: Danger in the Shadows

1. The Negotiator

2. The Guardian

3. The Truth Seeker

4. The Protector

5. The Healer

6. The Rescuer

7. Jennifer: An O’Malley Love Story

Uncommon Heroes

1. True Devotion

2. True Valor

3. True Honor


The Witness


Before I wake

Full Disclosure

God’s Gift

The Marriage Wish

Dean Hughes

Children of the Promise

1. Rumors of War

2. Since You Went Away

3. Far From Home

4. When We Meet Again

5. As Long As I Have You

Come to Zion

1. The Winds and the Waves

Hearts of the Children

1. The Writing on the Wall

2. Troubled Waters

3. How Many Roads

4. Take Me Home

5. So Much of Life Ahead

Stand-Alone Novels

Before the Dawn

Facing the Enemy

Midway to Heaven

Promises to Keep


Under the Same Stars

Melanie Jacobson

Stand-‘Alone Novels

Second Chances

Smart Move


Not My Type

The List

Heather Justesen

Stand-Alone Novels

Family By Design

Blank Slate


The Ball’s In Her Court

Karen Kingsbury

Above the Line

1. Take One

2. Take Two

3. Take Three

4. Take Four

Bailey Flanigan

1. Leaving 

2. Learning 

3. Longing

4. Loving

Cody Gunner

1. A Thousand Tomorrows

2. Just Beyond the Clouds


1. Fame

2. Forgiven

3. Found

4. Family

5. Forever

Lost Love

1. Even Now

2. Ever After

Red Glove

1. Gideon’s Gift

2. Maggie’s Miracle

3. Sarah’s Song

4. Hannah’s Hope


1. Redemption

2. Remember

3. Return

4. Rejoice

5. Reunion

September 11th

1. One Tuesday Morning

2. Beyond Tuesday Morning

3. Remember Tuesday Morning


1. Sunrise

2. Summer

3. Someday

4. Sunset

Timeless Love

1. A Time to Dance

2. A Time to Embrace

Stand-Alone Novels

Fifteen Minutes

The Chance 

The Bridge

Coming Home

Between Sundays


Like Dandelion Dust

Oceans Apart

On Every Side

Shades of Blue


When Joy Came to Stay

Where Yesterday Lives

Thomas Kinkade

Cape Light Titles

Cape Light

Home Song

A Gathering Place

A New Leaf

A Christmas Promise

The Christmas Angel

A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas Star

Christmas Treasures

Julie Klassen


Lady of Milkweed Manor

The Apothecary’s Daughter

The Silent Governess

The Girl in the Gatehouse

The Tutor’s Daughter

Beverly Lewis

Abram’s Daughters

1. The Covenant

2. The Betrayal

3. The Sacrifice

4. The Prodigal

5. The Revelation

Amish Country Crossroads

1. The Postcard

2. The Crossroad

3. Sanctuary

Annie’s People

1. The Preacher’s Daughter

2. The Englisher

3. The Brethren

Courtship of Nellie Fisher

1. The Parting

2. The Forbidden

3. The Longing

Heritage of Lancaster County

1. The Shunning

2. The Confession

3. The Reckoning

Home to Hickory Hollow

1. The Fiddler

2. The Bridesmaid

3. The Guardian

4. The Secret Keeper

Rose Trilogy

1. The Thorn

2. The Judgment

3. The Mercy

Seasons of Grace

1. The Secret

2. The Missing

3. The Telling

Gerald N. Lund

Kingdom and  the Crown Series

1. Fishers of Men

2. Come Unto Me

3. Behold the Man

Work and the Glory Series

1. Pillar of Light

2. Like a Fire is Burning

3. Truth Will Prevail

4. Thy Gold to Refine

5. Season of Joy

6. Praise to the Man

7. No Unhallowed Hand

8. So Great a Cause

9. All Is Well

Stand-Alone Novels

The Guardian

The Undaunted

Leverage Point

The Alliance

One in Thine Hand

Annette Lyon

Stand-Alone Novels

Coming Home


Spires of Stone

At the Journey’s End

House on the Hill

At the Water’s Edge

Lost Without You

Band of Sisters

Marcia Lynn McClure


A Good-Lookin Man

Midnight Masquerade`

Beneath the Honeysuckle Vine

The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich

Born for Thorton’s Sake

The Chimney Sweep Charm

A Crimson Frost


Desert Fire

Divine Deception

Dusty Britches

The Fragrance of Her Name

The Haunting of Autumn Lake

The Heavenly Surrender

The Highwayman of Tanglewood

Kissing Cousins

Kiss in the Dark

The Light of the Lover’s Moon

The McCall Trilogy

Midnight Masquerade

An Old-Fashioned Romance

The Pirate Ruse

The Prairie Prince

The Rogue Knight

Saphyre Snow

Sudden Storms

Sweet Cherry Ray

The Tide of the Mermaid Tears

The Time of Aspen Falls

To Echo the Past

The Touch of Sage


The Visions of Ransom Lake

Weathered too Young

The Whispered Kiss

Rachel Ann Nunes

Ariana Series

1. The Making of a Queen

2. A Gift Most Precious

3. A New Beginning

4. A Glimpse of Eternity

5. This Time Forever

6. Ties That Bind

7. Twice in a Lifetime

Autumn Rain Series

1. Imprints

2. Shades of Gray

3. Final Call

4. Line of Fire

Huntington Family Series

1. Winter Fire

2. No Longer Strangers

3. Chasing Yesterday

4. By Morning Light

Romantic Suspense

1. Eyes of a Stranger

2. A Bid for Love

3. Framed for Love

4. Love on the Run

Stand-Alone Novels

Tomorrow and Always

The Gift of Angels

Before I Say Goodbye

Saving Madeline

Fields of Home

Flying Home

A Greater Love

To Love and to Promise

Tomorrow and Always

Bridge to Forever

This Very Moment

A Heartbeat Away

Where I Belong

 Your Place In

The Independence Club

Janette Oke

Canadian West Series

1. When Calls the Heart

2. When Comes the Spring

3. When Breaks the Dawn

4. When Hope Springs New

5. Beyond the Gathering Storm

6. When Tomorrow Comes

Love Comes  Softly Series

1. Love Comes Softly

2. Love’s Enduring Promise

3. Love’s Long Journey

4. Love’s Abiding Joy

5. Love’s Unending Legacy

6. Love’s Unfolding Dream

7. Love Takes a Wing

8. Love Finds a Home

Prairie Legacy

1. The Tender Years

2. A Searching Heart

3. A Quiet Strength

4. Like Gold Refined

Seasons of the Heart

1. Once Upon a Summer

2. The Winds of Autumn

3. Winter is Not Forever

4. Springs Gentle Promise

Song of Arcadia

1. The Meeting Place

2. The Sacred Shore

3. The Birthright

4. The Distant Beacon

5. The Beloved Land

Women of the West

1. The Calling of Emily Evans

2. Julia’s Last Hope

3. Roses for Mama

4. A Woman Named Damaris

5. They Called Her Mrs. Doc

6. The Measure of a Heart

7. A Bride for Donnigan

8. Heart of the Wilderness

9. Too Long a Stranger

10. The Bluebird and the Sparrow

11. A Gown of Spanish Lace

12. The Drums of Change

Tristi Pinkston

Secret Sisters Mystery Series

1. Secret Sisters

2. Dearly Departed

3. Hang ‘Em High

4. Targets In Ties

Stand-Alone Novels

Agent in Old Lace

Turning Pages

Clair M. Poulson

Samuel Series

1. Thunder in Paradise

2. Gadianton’s Foe

3. Moroni’s Young Warrior

Stand-Alone Novels

In Plain Sight

Checking Out


Accidental Private Eye





Dead Wrong

Don’t Cry Wolf


Mirror Image

Cover Up


Conflict of Interest

Lost and Found


I’ll Find You

Point of Impact

Luanne Rice

Hubbard’s Point/Black Hall

1. Firefly Beach

2. Safe Harbor

3. True Blue

4.The Perfect Summer

5. Beach Girls

6. Last Kiss

Newport, Rhode Island

1. The Geometry of Sisters

2. The Deep Blue Sea for Beginners

Star of the Sea Academy

1. Sandcastles

2. What Matters Most

Summer’s Child

1. Summer’s Child

2. Summer of Roses


Stone Heart

Blue Moon

Summer Light

The Secret Hour

Silver Bells

The Edge of Winter

The Letters

The Silver Boat

Little Night

Cloud Nine

Dream Country

Dance with Me

Light of the Moon

Crazy in Love

Angels all Over Town

Home Fires

Lauraine Snelling

Dakotah Treasures

1. Ruby

2. Pearl

3. Opal

4. Amethyst

Daughters of Blessing

1. Rebecca’s Reward

2. A Touch of Grace

3. Sophie’s Dilemma

4. A Promise for Ellie

Home to Blessing

1. A Measure of Mercy

2. No Distance too Far

3. A Heart for Home

Red River of the North

1. An Untamed Land

2. A New Day Rising

3. A Land to Call Home

4. The Reaper’s Song

5. Tender Mercies

6. Blessing in Disguise

Return to Red River

1. A Dream to Follow

2. Believing the Dream

3. More Than a Dream

Secret Refuge

1. Daughter of Twin Oaks

2. Sisters of the Confederacy

3. The Long Way Home

Wild West Wind

1. Valley of Dreams

2. Whispers in the Wind

3. A Place to Belong

Stand-Alone Novels

Wake the Dawn


Hawaiian Sunrise

On Hummingbird Wings

One Perfect Day

Breaking Free

The Brushstroke Legacy

Saturday Morning

The Way of Women

The Healing Quilt

Song of Laughter

Anita Stansfield

Barrington Family Saga

1. In Search of Heaven

2. A Quiet Promise

3. At Heaven’s Door

4. Promise of Zion

Buchanan Saga

1. The Captain of Her Heart

2. Captive Hearts

3. The Captain’s Angel

4. Hearts Crossed

Byrnehouse-Davies and Hamilton Saga

1. The Gable Faces East

2. Gables Against the Sky

3. The Three Gifts of Christmas

4. First Love and Forever

5. First Love, Second Chances

6. Now and Forever

7. By Love and Grace

8. Home For Christmas

The Dickens Inn

1. The Best of Times

2. A Far, Far Better Place

3. A Loving Heart

4. Tranquil Light

5. Every Graceful Fancy

Gables of Legacy

1. The Guardian

2. A Guiding Star

3. The Silver Linings

4. An Eternal Bond

5. The Miracle

6. Full Circle

Jayson Wolfe Story

1. The Sound of Rain

2. A Distant Thunder

3. The Winds of Hope

4. Shelter From the Storm

5. The Silence of Snow

Keane-Morrison Family Saga

1. Timeless Waltz

2. A Time to Dance

3. Dancing in the Light

4. A Dance to Remember

Shadows of Brierley

1. Towers of Brierley

2. The Wanderer

3. A Far Horizon

4. A Distant Shore

5. In the Valley of the Mountains

Trevor Family Saga

1. Return to Love

2. To Love Again

3. When Forever Comes

4. A Christmas Meldoy

5. For Love Alone

Stand-Alone Novels

The Wishing Garden

Passage on the Titanic

Someone to Hold

Emma, Woman of Faith

Where the Heart Leads

When Hearts Meet

A Promise of Forever

A Merry Little Christmas

Chris Stewart

The Great and Terrible

1. The Brothers : Prologue

2. Where Angels Fall

3. The Second Sun

4. Fury & Light

5. From the end of Heaven

6.  Clear as the Moon

Susan May Warren

Noble Legacy

1. Reclaiming Nick

2. Taming Rafe

3. Finding Stefanie

PJ Sugar

1. Nothing but Trouble : unfortunately, PJ’s reputation Precedes her

2. Double Trouble

3. Licensed for Trouble

Team Hope

1. Flee the Night

2. Escape to Morning

3. Expect the Sunrise

Jack Weyland




The Reunion


A New Dawn


Michelle and Debra


On the Run

Lean on Me




Ashley and Jen


Cheyenne in New York

Adam’s Story

Saving Kristen

Alone, Together

As Always, Dav

The Samaritan Bueno

It all Started with Autumn Jones

Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name

Lisa Wingate

Moses Lake

1. Larkspur Cove

2. Blue Moon Bay

3. Firefly Island

Tending Roses

1. Tending Roses

2. Good Hope Road

3. The Language of Sycamores

4. Drenched in Light

5. A Thousand Voices

Texas Hill Country

1.  Texas Cooking

2. Lone Star Cafe

3. Over the Moon at the Big Lizard Diner

Cindy Woodsmall

Ada’s House

1. The Hope of Refuge

2. The Bridge of Peace

3. The Harvest of Grace

Amish Vines and Orchards

1. A Season for Tending

2. The Winnowing Season

3. For Every Season

Sisters of the Quilt

1. When the Heart Cries

2. When the Morning Comes

3. When the Soul Mends

Stand-Alone Novels

The Sound of Sleigh Bells

The Christmas Singing

The Scent of Cherry Blossoms

Christmas in Apple Ridge

Jason F. Wright

Stand-Alone Novels

The 13th Day of Christms

The Wedding Letters

The Seventeen Second Miracle

The Cross Gardener

Christmas Jars Reunion

Recovering Charles

The Wednesday Letters

Christmas Jars

The James Miracle

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