Inter Library Loan

How do I get something the Library does not own?

Sometimes the book, article, or magazine you want is not owned by the library. The Library’s inter-library loan service allows you to borrow books and other materials owned by other libraries.

While this is a free service, occasionally the lending library will assess a fee for photocopying, sending microforms, postage, or other service.  If possible, we will inform you of this prior to ordering the material.

You can expect at least a one-to-two-week wait time; hard-to-find materials or from distant locations can take up to a month to receive.

Not everything can be found, nor can everything be borrowed.  This service is limited by both the availability of materials and the holding library’s circulation policies.

Please be specific on the type of material you would like: Would you prefer the book in print, cassette, or CD format? The library will not accept loan requests for music CD/cassettes or video discs/cassettes

You may place an interlibrary (ILL) request by  printing out the form here  and bringing it into the library, or by filling out and submitting the form given below.

Request an Item the Library Does Not Own

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