Regional History Center

The Regional History Center is now open. Located at 152 East 100 North, first floor (northeast corner of building).

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or by appointment

Regional History Center open house scheduled for May 1st, 2013, 10:30am-3:00pm.

About the Regional History Center:

We are dedicated to collecting, preserving, and disseminating biographies, historical accounts, materials and photographs of the people and events important to the county and larger Uinta Basin Region. The Regional History Center was founded in 1982 by Doris Karren Burton.

Uintah County Press:

We offer a series of books about the history of the region.


  1. Sheryl Lay Wooldridge says:

    There is a photograph in your vernal collection that I am not sure is authentic. Its a photograph of my grandfather William Ellsworth Lay aka Elzy Lay. It was contributed by Jim Dullenty. I am trying to authenticate this photo is actually one of Elzy as I have never seen this photo before and it seems to have surfaced only recently. Can you please tell me where you obtained this and if you actually have the original hard copy? it would be helpful to know if there is any inscription on the back of this photo. As you are aware, anyone can write anything on a photo, but it would be helpful never the less.

    Sheryl Lay Wooldridge

  2. Hi Sheryl,

    I have been doing some research on your question about your grandfathers photo William Ellsworth Lay aka Elzy Lay and the authenticity of the photo and where it came from. As far as we can see this was a copy of a photo from Jim Dullenty. We do not have the original hard copy. This photo was obtained before our current staff was here. Doris K. Burton the director who obtained it, passed a way a couple of years ago. We have a folder on Jim Dullenty and his correspondence on obtaining information for his book and articles he has written for various newspapers. He was an editor or journalist in Spokane Washington. It looks like he may have passed away now see If you want information from the folder it is quite large basically with letters and correspondence to other people collecting and and receiving facts and information about Butch Cassidy and others. This would take a lot of time to read through, but If you are ever in the area we suggest that you make a visit to look into it further, reference folder # 3048 at Uintah County Regional History Center if you come. Photo id# 3037 basic collection.

    Let us know if we can help you any further.

    Michelle Fuller

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