Get ready…new lib website coming 2nd wk of April

The library’s new BETA website is almost ready and will replace this website during the second full week of April 2017.

The new website is completely redesigned from the ground up, employs a “one-page” design, is much simpler in structure, and it works great on mobile devices. Want to try it out before the switch? You can preview the new website by clicking/tapping here. Don’t worry, we will keep updating the old website for a few months after the switch to the new website. To use the old website, you can just click/tap the “classic website” link found near the top of the new website.

A screenshot of the library's new website.

Screenshot of new lib website.

Code Club

Uintah County Library Code Club

"code club" logo

Use the following webform to apply for Code Club:


Q. How old do the children need to be?
A. Children need to be ages eight to eighteen (8-18) by the time they start coming to the club meetings.

Q. How much does it cost to participate?
A. Although candidates need to submit an application to join the club, participation is FREE.

Q. When does the club meet?
A. The club will meet every Saturday at 10:00 am beginning May 14th, 2016.

Q. What computer skills are prerequisite to this club?
A. Each child needs to know how to operate a PC (mouse, keyboard, etc.) and follow a sequence of detailed written instructions.

Q. How many children will participate in the club?
A. This club is designed to run with approximately twelve children.

Q. How do I apply for membership in this club?
A. Candidates can apply for membership using the webform found above.

Q. What makes candidates ideal for this program?
A. Qualified candidates for this club are:

  • Ages eight to eighteen
  • Have a medium comfort level using a computer
  • Are team-players
  • Can follow complicated written and oral instructions

Q. At which website can I find more details regarding this club?
A. More details on all code clubs across the world can be found at

Q. What kind of computer coding and programming will club members learn?
A. Terms one and two will use Scratch to teach the basics of programming. Term three will teach the basics of web development using HTML/CSS. Term four will teach the Python programming language.

Q. Why children and not adults?
A. These days, it is not enough for children to use technology; they need to know how it works too. Coding/programming knowledge will help children succeed in the digital age of the future. Course content is written with a child’s interests and reading level in mind.

Q. How do I become a volunteer to teach coding projects during club meetings?
A. Contact Christopher Davis at or at (435) 789-6261 (volunteers must be legally allowed to work with children).

Q. Do I need to be a computer programmer to teach coding projects in this club?
A. No you do not need to be one; however, an understanding of the principles behind it would be helpful when the children have questions for you.

Q. How many hours per week do volunteers need to commit to?
A. Each club meeting is one hour long, so the time commitment is one hour per week, plus any preparation time.

Utah Digital Newspapers

Visit the Utah Digital Newspapers site to find out what happened in Utah the day you were born, find that clue to a family history puzzle, or to relive simpler times.

Accuquilt Studio Die Cutter Instructions

You must watch the video, or have staff training, before using the Accuquilt Studio Fabric Cutter. We have new trays. The trays will need to be checked out with your library card to insure proper use of the cutter. Checking out the trays indicates you have watched the videos and have received proper instruction This will  insure your safety and the safety of the Accuquilt Studio Cutting Machine.


Accuquilt Cutter Video



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Any person who, in any twelve month period, writes 2 (two) or more checks to the library which are returned for “Non-Sufficient Funds” shall thereafter be required to pay their obligations to the library in cash or by money order. Library card privileges are suspended until all such obligations are paid. If a patron desires to reinstate their privilege of using checks to pay their obligations to the library, they must apply to the board one year after their last ad check was cleared or paid and have no outstanding fines.

Adopted September 24, 2008

Amended November 19 , 2008

Missing/Damaged Disks


If a patron checks out an audio book on CDs or tapes and loses or damages one of the CDs or tapes for the book, that patron may replace the missing CD or tape with a new CD or tape, but if they are unwilling or unable to do so, they shall be held liable for the cost of the replacement for the entire book.

Adopted November, 2008



Any requests to reproduce any of the holdings of the Uintah County Library Regional History
Center (RHC) must be submitted on the RHC Collection–Order and Use Permission Form.
To be valid, the form must be signed by an authorized staff member of the RHC.

Permission for reproduction is granted only for the expressed purpose described in the form.
Any subsequent use or change in the use constitutes reuse and must be applied for in writing to
the RHC. If the size of edition or number of editions exceeds the terms specified in this
application, the applicant/licensee/licensee shall immediately pay the difference in use fees. If
payment is not received within thirty (30) days, the applicant/licensee/licensee agrees to pay a
use fee equal to twice the originally quoted use fee.

This permission is non-exclusive; the Regional History Center reserves the right to reproduce
the image and allow others to reproduce the image. The RHC shall also have the right to use,
utilize, and publish any derivative image produced by the applicant/licensee, including
copyrighted works and copyrighted derivative works of the applicant/licensee.

The RHC represents and warrants that:

  • the photographs and images in its collection were gifted or granted to the RHC,
  • pursuant to the gift or grant, the RHC has a right to act with respect to such
    or image, and,
  • as far as the RHC is aware, the rights granted by it hereunder will not infringe on
    the rights of any third party.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the RHC has not investigated the copyright status of its
holdings, and is not responsible for determining the copyright status of the photographs or
images, nor for securing copyright permission or payment for any such permission. The rights
granted by the RHC in its holdings do not include any rights that persons other than the History
Center may have in the photographs or images, including any artist’s rights of attribution or
control under the laws of any country or state, moral rights, or the rights of publicity or privacy.

All use of RHC holdings require the following credit: Used by permission, Uintah County
Library Regional History Center, all rights reserved. The RHC may also require that the
artist/creator, the title of the work, and the object’s catalog number appear in the caption or
credit as well. Credits should appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section
devoted to credits. However, reproductions distributed electronically must contain the credit or
caption as part of the image displayed in letters which are at least 3/8″ high and in a legible
typeface. When permission is granted to disseminate reproductions electronically, the RHC
reserves the right to require an electronic watermark or other identifying code within the
scanned file.

The payment of a commercial use fee does not exempt the user from the credit line

Failure to include a credit line or electronic water mark, or inaccurate captions or credits shall
require the applicant/licensee to pay the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($100) per image, as
liquidated damages and not as a penalty, in view of the difficulty of assessing actual damages
for this breach.

The RHC also requests (but does not require) the donation of a copy of the product in which the
image is used. All expenses for shipping and handling are to be borne by the

In the event that the applicant/licensee engages in unauthorized reproduction of photographs or
other materials, the applicant/licensee agrees to pay the RHC a sum equal to three times the
normal commercial fee, not as a penalty but as liquidated damages, due to the difficulty in
assessing actual damages incurred.

The RHC may (by written request), in the event of unauthorized reproduction(s), require
immediate surrender of all materials containing such unauthorized reproduction(s).

The RHC reserves the right to refuse reproduction of its holdings if it is believed that
fulfillment of that order would be violating copyright or other law, or if it deems it advisable.
The RHC further reserves the right to impose such conditions as it may deem advisable.

Unless approved in advance by the RHC, each image MUST be reproduced unaltered and in its
entirety; the image must not be cropped, overprinted, printed on color stock, or bleed off the

If so requested, a proof must be approved by the RHC staff before any reproduction of an image
in color.

The RHC reserves the right to examine proofs and captions for accuracy and sensitivity before
publication with the right to revise if necessary. The RHC reserves the right to refuse any
request and to impose such conditions as it may deem advisable in the best interests of the

If permission is granted to distribute an electronic copy of an image, the distributed copy shall
not exceed a resolution of 72 dpi. Images may not be scanned at a resolution greater than 300
dpi. Scanned files must be destroyed once the final product has been produced.

The applicant/licensee covenants, represents, and warrants of the Product will not contain any
feature which would permit users to distort or mutilate the image, nor will the Product be
intentionally designed or prepared so as to be compatible with any computer program which is
designed to manipulate graphic images.

The permission granted does not include the right to include the image in any printed or
electronic materials accompanying the Product, or in any advertisement for the Product other
than as expressly permitted below:
NOTE: Electronic applications–WWW pages, CD-ROM, scanning, etc.–require separate
permission from the RHC

Solely in connection with the marketing and distribution of the Product, applicant/licensee may
use the image on the packaging of the Product and in any advertisement, product catalogs, or
publicity or promotional materials (a “Promotional Use”), provided that if the image is so used,
the RHC shall be given a credit in the same page as the image appears. Applicant/licensee
agrees that any Promotional Use will be made solely in a manner which indicates that the image
is part of the content of the Product, and the RHC’s name will not be used as aesthetic or design
elements in such Promotion Use.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, applicant/licensee shall not use the image or
the RHC’s name in any manner which creates any association between the image and/or the
RHC and applicant/licensee to such an extent that any goodwill towards the Product or
applicant/licensee arises in the image and/or RHC’s name, and applicant/licensee agrees that it
will not have right, under any circumstances whatsoever, to claim, and will not claim, that such
goodwill has arisen or the applicant/licensee is entitled to the benefits, if any, thereof.

In all instances, the applicant/licensee agrees to defend, indemnify, and save and hold harmless
the RHC, the Uintah County Library, and Uintah County and their respective employees or
designates, agencies, employees or designates, from any and all costs, expense, damage and
liability arising because of any claim whatsoever which may be presented by anyone for loss or
damage or other relief occasioned or caused by the release of said photographs and their use in
any manner, including their inspection, publication, reproduction, duplication or printing by
anyone for any purpose whatever.

Fee Schedule for Use

Use of the RHC collection requires a completed Application for Permission to Publish form
be submitted in advance to the RHC before the order can be processed.
These fees are in addition to reproduction fees.
No use fees are charged for use of the holdings by private individuals for personal use, by
students for papers, theses, dissertations, scholarly works addressed to limited audiences, for
official publications by the University of Utah, the State of Utah, or local government agencies
in Utah, or for exhibition in museums.
No use fees are charged for organizations able to provide proof of their not-for-profit status by
providing suitable documentation.

The Library Director (or his authorized representative) may waive any and all fees for any use
if such use would be beneficial to the library and/or the Regional History Center.

Commercial Fee Production Run (Fee is per image)
In television, film, video, or $100
-For commercial decorative $75
-Advertising (including TV) $150

Audio, Film, and Video Use Fees

-Audio only $150 up to first five minutes, $15 per minute
All prices are subject to change without notice.
Payment of all fees, including use fees, is required before permission is granted. Default in
payment shall immediately revoke permission.

Contract Claims and Controversies: All contract claims and controversies arising under this
contract shall be resolved pursuant to existing Utah laws.

Adopted June 24 , 2009

Library Standard of Conduct

Library Standards of Conduct

The Uintah County Library is supported by the taxes of the residents of Uintah County who expect the Library to be a safe and comfortable place for reading, researching, studying, selecting reading materials, using computers, and attending community events and meetings. To this end, the Uintah County Library is responsible for establishing standards of conduct to protect the rights and safety of Library patrons, staff and volunteers, and for preserving and protecting the Library’s materials, equipment, facilities and grounds.
These behavior policies have been adopted by the Uintah County Library Board of Trustees to assist Library staff in maintaining the peace, comfort, and security and of library users, staff and facilities. Library users are expected to comply with reasonable staff requests. Staff should interpret and enforce these guidelines with professionalism and tact.

  1. The Uintah County Library is a tobacco-free facility. The use of any tobacco product anywhere within the facility, or within twenty-five (25) feet of an entrance, is prohibited. Furthermore, the use of e-cigarettes is also forbidden.
  2. Entering Library property while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs and/or selling, using or possessing alcohol/ illegal drugs is prohibited.
  3. Library users shall not harass, threaten or bother other library users or library employees. The library enforces a zero tolerance harassment policy.
  4. Loud, excessive and boisterous behavior is not permitted within the building. This includes, but is not limited to; running, fighting, quarreling, swearing, shouting, and rude or inappropriate remarks.
  5. Library users should not engage in conversations or introduce other sounds or noise, at a volume level that is significantly above the general noise level of the library at that particular time.
  6. No campaigning; petitioning; interviewing; survey-taking; soliciting; or any other speech or conduct, which results in the disruption of Library activities, will be allowed within the Library or on the library grounds. This does not refer to Library-sponsored activities.
  7. All individuals are required to wear shirts and shoes at all times when inside the library.
  8. Using restrooms for bathing, shaving, shampooing, or doing laundry is not allowed.
  9. All Library users must conform to acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness in order to prevent the disturbance of other library users and their use of the facility. Customers exhibiting unsanitary hygiene may be asked to leave the premises.
  10. Blocking aisles, exits, or entrances by sitting or lying down in them will not be permitted.
  11. No animals, except service animals necessary for persons with disabilities, will be allowed within the Library.
  12. The consumption of food or beverages, except for baby bottles, nursing, and at authorized events, is not allowed within the Library. Individuals not conforming to this rule will be asked to discard their food or drink or leave the facility in order to consume it.
  13. Taking photos or making audio or visual recordings without the express permission of the Library Director is not permitted.
  14. Stealing, damaging, altering, or inappropriate use of Library property building or on Library grounds, including computer hardware and software, printers, scanners, copiers, phones, furniture, and library materials is not permitted. All suspected vandalism shall be referred to law enforcement.
  15. Engaging in any activity in violation of Federal, State, local or other applicable law, or Library policy is not permitted.
  16. The Library parking lot, landscaping, and sidewalks shall not be used as a playground. The parking lot should not be used for bicycling, skate boarding, scooters and so forth. The Library assumes no liability for individuals using the parking lot for such activities, including during hours in which the library is closed.
  17. All children eight (8) or younger must be accompanied by an adult (18 or over), at all times while in the Library. If unaccompanied by an adult, children eight (8) or younger may not remain in the building longer than it takes to locate and to check out materials. A parent/guardian shall be in a position to supervise their child’s activity at all times.
  18. All parents, teachers, guardians, baby-sitters and other adults will be held responsible for the actions of the children in their charge while in the library.
  19. Library personnel may remove personal items left unattended on Library property in order to preserve a safe environment for Library patrons, staff and volunteers. Any unauthorized vehicle left overnight in the parking lot may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Staff Enforcement of Behavior Rules

  1. Enforcement of these rules will be conducted in a fair and reasonable manner. Library staff will intervene to stop prohibited activities or behaviors. Violators will be asked to stop such activity/behavior immediately. If the activity/behavior continues, he/she will be instructed to leave the Library. The police will be called for serious offenses or failure to leave the premises when instructed.
  2. When employees ask a customer to vacate the premises, the Director and other appropriate staff members should always be informed.
  3. Library staff should always involve another staff member when a situation requires asking an individual to leave the premises.
  4. If an individual is asked to leave and refuses, the Director and/or other staff should be notified and assembled for further support. If the situation warrants, staff may call the police for support.
  5. Staff shall alert the Director to individuals who continually disrupt Library service.
  6. Any person may, without prior warning or notice, be removed immediately from the library if his or her conduct on the premises poses a potential or implied threat to the security of any person or property on the premises; or, if the individual’s actions present a significant disruption to staff or customers.
  7. Patrons who cause repeated disturbances, violate library policies repeatedly, violate any local, state or federal law or create a significant problem at any one time may have their library privileges revoked or restricted at any time. The Director may bar an individual from the library for up to one year.
  8. Any suspension of library privileges longer than one week may be appealed to the Library Board. Any redress for grievance regarding any actions taken by library staff to enforce library discipline and behavior guidelines must be submitted in writing to the Director. The director may accept or reject in writing this grievance. If the Library patron does not accept the Director’s response to the written grievance, then the Library user may submit a written redress for grievance to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees may accept or reject this grievance with a written response. The Board’s decision shall be final.

Uintah County Code 2.26.050B and D allows the Library Board to “[e]stablish[] and revis[e] policies in cooperation with the library director for the use, operation, maintenance, and care of the library, library facilities, equipment, staff, and other such resources;” and to “[e]stablish[] policies for the enforcement of library rules.” (see also Utah Code 9-7-404.)
Adopted by the Uintah County Library Board 11/26/2012. Effective 12/1/2012.

Movie Restriction Policy


Any movie that is unrated or is rated “R” or “NC 17” may not be checked out by any
patron who is under the age of 17 years unless the parent or legal guardian signs a
completed Minor Movie Consent Form. This consent form must be handed into the
circulation desk in person by the parent or guardian.

Policy adopted: February 22, 2006